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Welcome to the affiliate page for 80/20 Fat Loss Program, which is a nutrition and weight loss program created by our team of nutritionists and experts.

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5 Simple Reasons Why You Must Join Our Affiliate

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Reason #1: Huge Market Who Needs to Lose Weight Urgently

If you've been doing affiliate marketing for any amount of time, you already know that the "Dieting & Health" crowd has existed since the beginning of time.

With the outrage of bad nutrition advice and tempting fast foods, more and more people are getting fatter and are inflicted with tons of health problems. And they're all looking for answers.

As such, we bring together a group of nutritionists and dietitians to provide sound nutrition advice to help them in their health and weight problems.

The customers lose weight and be healthy, you earn commissions by recommending our program to them. It is a Win-Win scenario for everyone.

Reason #2: Over The Roof Conversions with our new Video Angle

We are not boasting here but we’ve tested our conversions and because of the way our video is script is written, it is extremely easy to sell our program. Why does “80/20 Fat Loss Program” convert so well?

There’s no big secret to it but the real reason is because our copywriter has worked on so many different copies in the weight loss launches that he knows exactly what’s the push button of the customers that make them buy.

Just watch our sales video and you can decide whether if it’s 1) informative, and 2) whether you have the urge to buy.

We have done our internal testing and know it really SELLS!

Reason #3: Our Program Really Works! - Low Refund Rate!

The most annoying part about recommending a program is just about when you think you have made some good commissions then all the refunds started to kick in.

Some product owner are just simply trying to bluff their way through with a poor quality product that could end up costing you refund rates as high as 70%! Say you make $1,000 of commissions, and after 2 weeks, you realize that $700 are refunded!

As we are long-term publisher with clickbank, we know exactly what the customers want and need. And we created our program specifically just for them...

That means that when you do all the hard work selling 80/20 Fat Loss, you get to keep most of the money you earn!

And it also means that you can rest well in the night because you know that what you are recommending is something of VALUE to your friends, readers or even customers.

Reason #4: Generous Commissions - 75% Commissions + Upsells

We give 75% commissions for our 80/20 Fat Loss Program and our upsells.

Here’s a glimpse of what the customers would have an option to purchase Frontend Product (Acid Alkaline Balance Diet Program) - $47 OTO 1(Recipe Package) - $29.97

You get 75% commissions on both products! Which means you can make up to $52 per customer!

Plus we are going to have more upsells coming up so you can expect your commissions to increase!

We have a high conversion rate for our upsell too so you can expect tons of cash really fast!

Reason #5: ‘Done For You’ Tools & Resources

We know exactly how it feels to promote a product without any support of any kind, even if you have a beautiful website or having tons of subscribers.

That’s why our team has specially created for you all the tools and resources to have proven to work for many of our partners and affiliates. All you need to do is to sign up for our newsletter and we’ll provide you with all the tools and resources you need. For even more support, you can simply email us at

In fact, we’ll provide you with juicy information that will help you promote our program successfully in our newsletter.

Valuable information such as...
- What are the best traffic sources to promote our program
- Top-notch email copy that you could use to send to your friends and subscribers
- Demographic information
- How to pre-sell to your readers
- And much much more...

As there are too much “shenanigans” going around, we can only reveal to you all these information when you enter your name and email address in the box on this page.

I Can’t Wait to Get Started! What Do I Need to Get Started?

Step 1: Create Your FREE Clickbank Affiliate Account

To join our affiliate program, you’ll need an account with Clickbank is an affiliate platform that is handling all the affiliate program and commissions. When you make sales as our affiliates, clickbank will process your commissions and send it out as cheque or direct deposit.

If you already have your Clickbank ID, you can skip to step 2.

If you don't have a Clickbank Affiliate account, you'll need to sign up as a Clickbank Affiliate at Clickbank Sign Up Form. You can use anything as your Clickbank ID, just pick something you're going to remember.

Go ahead and sign up right away!

After you have signed up, you will need to take down your Clickbank username (they only allowed a 10 alphanumeric characters). This is what we called the AFFILIATE ID.

Step 2: Get Your Affiliate Link

Getting your affiliate link is the crucial step of the technical process. When you set this up correctly, then you are credited for the sales you make.

After you signed up for your account from step 1, you will have your clickbank username ready. Let’s say your clickbank username is JOHNDOE123, then your Affiliate Link will be

That’s it!

If someone click on your affiliate link and purchase our program, you will earn your commission easily.

Step 3: Sign up for our 80/20 Affiliate Newsletter For Updates, Insider Information, Special Marketing Training

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Step 4: Use Our 80/20 Fat Loss Tools Page For More Marketing-In-A-Box Emails, Articles, Banners, and much much more...

And that's it! All you need to do then is to generate traffic to your marketing page and it'll do all the job for you. The more traffic you generate, the more money you make.

But You Really Need To Act Now!

This is going to be the biggest weight loss product in clickbank. You either join in today and grab the lion share of the most successful diet product in clickbank or miss the opportunity!

When you are reading this, we are adding more upsells, marketing tools and ever more goodies to make this one of the best products in Clickbank!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support [at] and we'll do whatever we can to help you.

Warmest Regards,
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